Samplex CS90 Video featuring automatic sampling functions.

The Samplex CS90 Bulk Truck Probe - Manufactured in the UK by TekPro Ltd. Designed for taking a Truly representative sample of Grain, Wheat, Barley, Oats, Corn, and a whole range of other products. This video shows the Auto Sampling and control features available as...

The Goldilocks Effect on Feed Pellet Durability – by TekPro Ltd

TekPro has produced a further video for the Holmen NHP300 - Inline Pellet Durability testing system. Called "The Goldilocks Effect on Pellet Durability",  it looks at the benefits of having better Inline control of Pellet Durability. When making animal feed pellets,...

Samplex CSclear in action

Samplex CSclear is the ideal way of removing excess grain from a busy laboratory. It allows for quick removal back to the truck or alternative tote bin etc.

Holmen NHP300 Inline Process Machine

Holmen NHP300 Inline Pellet Durability Testers are used worldwide by successful feed mills. They do this to help them effectively maintain and improve PDI results. Here we see a short video showing the process in action

Insectomat 5K Video

The Insectomat 5k manufactured in the UK by TekPro Ltd, is capable of detecting a single insect in up to 5kg of Oats, Wheat or Barley in under 2 minutes.

Holmen NHP100 Pellet Durability Tester

The Holmen NHP100 is our most basic entry level Pellet Durability Tester.It's designed to be easily transported around different test locations and provides users with a simple indication of Pellet Durability.

Truck Probe Grain Sampler CS 6000

Samplex CS6000 truck probes from TekPro can sample a variety of products. Ideal for busy sites receiving grain in larger vehicles.

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