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Bulk Sampling – Truck Probe

Samplex CS60 Truck Probe
  • Manufactured in the UK by TEKPRO
  • Bottom of load detection
  • Programmable semi-automatic control
  • 340° rotation
  • Dual lane capability
  • Accurate and Reliable
  • Galvanised Steel
  • Electro-mechanical, no hydraulics

The CS60 truck probe can be used to sample a variety of products and is ideal for low to medium throughput facilities.

The patented spear design ensures product enters the spear under gravity, providing a representative sample, which is important for testing.

The 340° rotation allows for a variety of samples to be taken along the arms movement curve.

Samples are automatically transported to a reception chamber with a transparent viewing tube to allow for instant viewing.

All Samplex truck probes are made from galvanised steel, meaning they last for a long time without rusting.

Samplex CS60 Reach

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