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Truck Probe Touch Control System

Samplex CStouch truck probe control system


  • Manufactured in the UK by TEKPRO
  • Sample Quickly and Easily
  • Visually Assess the Content of a Load
  • Save Sampling Patterns
  • Reduce Human Input
  • Improve Site Safety
  • Log Information and Save Images

A live video feed from above the sampling area is displayed on a touch screen computer monitor. The operator simply touches the screen within the sample guidelines to set sample points, avoiding obstacles such as sheeting bars.

Once the sample pattern is sent to the sampler, no more human input is needed, the CS90 will automatically collect samples from the set points and return to a parked position.
Screen shots from the camera and information of the vehicle and its’ contents can be saved.

The software can be set to communicate information with other Windows software.

Available options also include automatic traffic lights, PTZ camera, and number plate recognition to produce an even faster automated system.

A Samplex truck probe in action

“Having used Samplex CS90s for over 17 years, the new Touch system improves the efficiency of our grain intake. The reliable touch and go software enables the sample system to run automated without fear of damage to the vehicle being sampled or the spear itself. Having the ability to obtain a representative sample without having to control sampling via a joystick reduces the turnaround time of deliveries crossing the weighbridge. This increased performance is priceless when loading large vessels within a fixed charter period.”

Darren Gibson, Operations Manager, Gleadell Agriculture Limited Great Yarmouth

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