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Samplex Grain Samper

Feed and Grain Samplers – Manufactured by TEKPRO

“Samplex grain sampling machines are in operation throughout the world. They are reliable, long-lasting, and provide a truly representative sample from top to bottom of a bulk load.”

Materials Sampling Guide – by TEKPRO

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Recent interest and demand for Samplex sampling equipment from around the world continues to grow!

Bulk Sampling

Bulk Sampling Truck Probe

Inline Samplers

inline grain and pellet sampling

Samplex Truck Probes

All Samplex grain samplers are built exclusively by TEKPRO Ltd; manufactured continuously for over 30 years in the UK. They have a unique gravity fed sampling system and variable aperture control, giving a truly representative sample from the full depth of the load. Our truck probes are built using durable materials with an electro-mechanical construction, which eliminates high pressure hydraulic hoses.

Samplex CS6000 Grain Sampler


The CS6000 truck probe is the latest addition to the Samplex range, It has the ability to sample a wide variety of products, and with tracked movement, has a maximum coverage of  upto 35 metres.

Samplex CS90 Truck Probe


The CS90 truck probe is our best selling sampler, it has the ability to sample a wide range of products and features telescopic movement.

Samplex CS30 Truck Probe


The CS30 truck probe is our most basic sampler, which has limited features for simple operation, suited for smaller grain sites

Back To Truck Grain Sample Return System

Back To Truck System

Transfers up to 32 KG of unused product back to the truck. A conveniently placed return hopper moves the product to a holding chamber above the truck.
Samplex Grain Sampler Accessories

Optional Extras

We’ve thought of everything, from observation systems and galvanised columns for the truck probes, to traffic management systems for busy facilities.

Designed and exclusively manufactured by TEKPRO in the UK

Samplex has been the brand leader in the truck probe market for over 25 years. All our grain sampler systems are designed and manufactured by us at our UK base. This ensures all our products are built to the highest standards. Samplex grain samplers are in operation throughout the world. They are known for their reliability and long working life, and for providing a truly representative sample of a bulk load.

Inline Samplers

Samplex inline samplers allow for a sample to be taken of a wide range of products, either from a production line or static load. The samplers are easy to install and control, and provide a versatile low cost means of automated sampling.

Samplex IL50 Inline Grain Sampler

IL50 Pneumatic Inline Sampler

The Samplex IL50 is an pneumatic inline sampler, suitable for free flowing grains, cereals, and pellets.
Samplex IL55 Electric Inline Sampler

IL55 Electric Inline Sampler

The Samplex IL55 is an electric inline sampler, suitable for static loads, free flowing powders, cereals and pellets.
Samplex Grain Sample Transfer System

Samplex Inline Transfer System

Used in conjunction with our inline samplers to transport samples automatically to the laboratory.
TekPro Client include CBH Group, Agrifirm, Quaker, and Frontier
TekPro Client include Openfield, Gleadell, Walkers, Borregaard LognoTech

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