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We are pleased to announce the sale of the first Samplex CS6000-21 with dual lane configuration by our exclusive distributor in Austria, into a large feed manufacturer in the country. This machine offers over 21 Mtrs of sampling coverage and is ideal for larger sites.

The bulk grain sampler is one of the longest available in the world today, with only our Samplex CS6000-28 being longer! Typically such long samplers are used by Grain storage sites in Australia, where longer trucks and weighbridges are common, with Road Trains as long as 50+ Mtrs.

The end-user has chosen our machine over our competitors, due to our reputation of building reliable and long-lasting samplers, they are already familiar with the high quality of our British manufactured products, as they already have a number of our Holmen NHP300 Inline Pellet durability testers, which they use effectively to maintain consistency of quality in their busy Animal Feed manufacturing facility in Austria.

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