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Series 2

Automated Pellet Durability Tester

    • Made in Britain by TEKPRO
    • Suitable for Animal Feed & Wood Pellets
    • Semi-Automatic – less need for human input
    • Quicker than alternative methods
    • Ideal for laboratories & busy testing environments
    • Reproducible accuracy of  ± 0.1%
    • PDI results are stored and displayed on Colour LCD touch-screen, and can be printed or sent to other software by Ethernet socket
    • Daily test results can be sent by email to staff, even if working remotely
    • Digital Self Calibration built in
    • Now includes dedicated Fines Calculation feature

    The NHP200 Series 2, is the flagship Holmen pellet durability tester used worldwide for calculating the Pellet Durability Index (PDI) of feed and wood pellets by simulating the pellet transportation environment from mill to trough.

    Once a sample of pellets is loaded into the machine it removes any fines, weighs the sample, tests the pellets by agitating them with air, weighs the remaining sample and calculates the PDI.

    This automatic solution removes the chance of human error, providing an accurate and reliable test method. The reduction in human input also allows other tasks to be completed while a test is done, ideal in a busy laboratory or where a wide number of staff carry out the testing.

    The average test lasts only 4 minutes and the test time is automatically set according to the pellet diameter entered. Suitable for pellets 3mm-12mm diameter.

    The Holmen Pellet Durability Test is a form of testing that is recognised and used worldwide. Four models are available in the range, providing a solution for any mill or facility.

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