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Manual Pellet Durability Tester

  • Made in Britain by TEKPRO
  • Suitable for Animal Feed Pellets
  • Portable
  • Fast and Simple Operation
  • Results are obtainable 4 times faster than the Kansas State Tumbling Can
  • Adjustable Test Time
  • Fines Removed During Test
  • Different mesh hopper sizes available

The Holmen NHP100 is our entry level Pellet Durability Tester which is designed to be easily transported around different testing locations.

The NHP100 operates by loading a manually weighed sample of pellets into the test chamber, which cascades them in an air stream at 70mBar, causing the pellets to collide with each other and the perforated hard surfaces of the test chamber.

After the test cycle the pellets are manually removed and weighed to obtain a ‘Pellet Durability Index’ (PDI) reading.

Holmen NHP100 Information Sheet

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The Holmen Pellet Durability Test is a form of testing that is recognised and used worldwide. Four models are available in the range, providing a solution for any mill or facility.

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