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Pellet Durability Testers Manufactured by TEKPRO

“Durability testing is a great tool for a quality manager, and it’s able to provide a useful estimation of the percentage of pellets that will be delivered to the animal.”

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Recent interest and demand for Holmen pellet durability testers from around the world continues to grow!

Holmen Feed and Wood Pellet Durability Testers

The Holmen range of Pellet Durability Testers offer a fast and reliable method for testing PDI or Mechanical Durability. From feed pellets to wood pellets, either manual or automatic testing, Holmen provides the solution whatever the size of your mill!

The basic NHP100 is a popular machine for small companies, but quality focused feed mills typically prefer the NHP200, this is due to its ease of use and the repeatable accuracy of the test process. For larger companies who manufacture pellets in bulk, we can also provide the Holmen NHP300, together with inline samplers to test directly after the press, before too much product has been produced. This can help reduce the need for rework, and optimise production efficiency.

In-Line Process Control

Holmen NHP300 Pellet Durability Tester


Designed for use in highly productive mills, the Holmen NHP300 will take pellet samples automatically from the production line.


Holmen NHP200 Pellet Durability Tester

NHP200 Series 2

The Holmen NHP200 is a semi automated pellet durability tester, designed for use with both feed and wood pellets.


Holmen NHP100 portable pellet durability tester


A basic pellet durability tester designed for use in the animal feed industry, capable of providing a result faster than the Tumbling Can.


Holmen Ligno-Tester


The Ligno-Tester is a portable durability tester adapted specifically for wood pellets.

TEKPRO are proud to be a community partner and supporter of Feed Design Lab: the research & education center for innovation and sustainability of the feed industry. Feed and technology companies internationally cooperate in an open innovation network to reach a sustainable animal production chain. In order to reach this goal, a production facility has been established in which research into new raw materials takes place, where new healthy feed can be developed, where new production techniques can be tested, and where education and training activities can take place. For more information: http://www.feeddesignlab.nl/en/

Designed and Manufactured by TEKPRO in the UK

The Holmen range of pellet durability testers have been developed by TEKPRO as the culmination of more than 15 years involvement within the pelleting industry. TEKPRO manufactures the Holmen range exclusively under licence from Borregaard. You can find Holmen machines in use around the globe, and their success is down to their unmatched repeatability, the speed of the test, and consistency of the results.

TekPro Client include CBH Group, Agrifirm, Quaker, and Frontier
TekPro Client include Openfield, Gleadell, Walkers, Borregaard LognoTech

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