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About Us

Based in the heart of Norfolk, TekPro Ltd are electro-mechanical engineers. The business was founded in 1989 with the aim of introducing automatic electro-mechanical solutions to common tasks.

All products are designed and manufactured on site by our experienced engineers, using the highest quality materials and machinery. Time is taken to carefully craft each piece of equipment to the same exacting standards.

Put simply – We believe that simplicity, reliability and longevity are key.

Having our own in-house sales and marketing department, but also have distributors in a number of countries around the globe, means we can serve local markets better.
Comprehensive training is provide to our official distributors, thereby ensuring their expertise matches that of our own team.

The service does not stop at the point of purchase either. We main contact, to ensure you receive the performance you expect, enabling you to keep your equipment running at peak performance. Spare parts are easily available, as well as servicing and advice from our experienced long serving engineers.

No matter what your query, contact us and we will be happy to help however we can!