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Made in the UK

Agricultural equipment, for farmer’s sampling needs, accurate sampler, cheap sampling, save costs on bulk sampling. Only bulk grain sampler manufactured in the UK. Highest quality truck probe grain sampler and best pellet tester - all UK manufactured. British truck sampler grain probe. Sample wheat barley, sample powders UK. Sample trucks, automatic sampling, pelelt tesing and grain sampling. Truck and lorry samplers in england.

TekPro - Samplex Truck Probes, Holmen Pellet Durability Testers,  Insectomat Insect Detection

Grain samplers, sample grain. Samplex truck probes are used for wheat, barely and free flowing powders, The all electric grain sampler, the most reliable grain sampler. Grain samplers manufactured in the UK and shipping worldwide.
Tekpro Manufacture the samplex truck probs for bulk sampling all types of grain. The only grain sampler which is manufactured in the Uk. The only grain sampler in the UK to have full service contracts and offers servicing of grain sampler.

TekPro is perhaps best known for the industry leading Samplex range of Bulk Samplers. These Grain Samplers use a unique, patented gravity-fed spear to efficiently and accurately collect more representative samples than other systems can deliver.

The Holmen Pellet Durability Testers are manufactured and marketed by TekPro under licence from  Borregaard. It is the industry standard Pellet Durability Tester giving a minute by minute update to help production efficiency.

Insect detection is also catered for with the Insectomat.  The machines in this range are capable of discovering one insect in either 5kg or 10kg of grain.


Click here for more information on the Samplex CS6000 Grain Sampler Truck Probes

Truck Probes

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Grain samplers for all products, rice, beans, peas truck probe. Bulk sampler made in UK. No hydraulics, best sampler in europe. Sample all products in a bulk load. Truck samplers for grain store or mill. The only truck probe grain sampler manufactured in the UK

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